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Updated June 10, 2024

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We have a huge list online providing a unique forum in which toy train collectors can find or sell the train they desire in a one stop location.

Vienna Station is a group of collectors of toys and tinplate toy trains. Our insatiable appetite for these wonderful collectibles requires liquidation of a large amount of material on an ongoing basis. Vienna Station is not shy about buying a large quantity of toys and trains in order to add to our collections. As a result, we believe that this creates an excellent buying opportunity for other collectors. We believe that our pricing is very sharp as well, as some of our best customers are collector/dealers.

Our major areas of interest are: Pre- and Post-war American Flyer, Marx trains and toys, Hafner, Ives and some Lionel Pre-war "O" and standard gauge. Within these interests, we are crazy about lithographed tin material. Most of what you see on our sale listings will be from the above. However, do not underestimate what could appear on our listings.

Vienna Station has been buying and selling for over six years. About a year and a half ago, our resale inventory had grown so much that we were running out of room to store our stock. As a result, we launched our first mail list in January 1996. We put out the mail list on a quarterly basis with an extra specialty list thrown in from time to time. This has been going well, but as you might expect, the turnover created an even greater buying fervor. The time had come to bring a toy train marketplace to the internet!

Our goal from our start has been to provide an interesting market place, excellent value for your train dollar, and service equal to or exceeding the best in the business. Our web page will be no different.

We will revise the listing of our offerings on a regular basis, so don't just drop by for a visit and forget about us. Vienna Station will be out there dealing trains so we can buy more! We believe that you will find Vienna Station to be an excellent source for trains whether you are an operator or collector, or both.

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Vienna Station is operated by TCA members Ray Ellen, Jerry Covel, and Rob Tucker.
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