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Updated July 15, 2024

Grading and Pricing

We will not go into a long "song and dance" about grading. Hopefully, most of you have read the guides and reviewed the TCA grading standards. Our material will be graded as accurately as possible considering the type of material we sell. Grading post-war material from American Flyer and Lionel is fairly easy compared to grading 20's and 30's lithography.

To the extent possible, we will describe all material in such a manner as there should be few surprises. If you are not satisfied with our efforts in this important area, you have a fourteen day return privilege. As far as we know, this is as long as any in the hobby. Just be sure to return the same train in the same condition as received and your money will be refunded. Our feeling is that happy customers are repeat customers. Your only cost if this happens is the return postage and insurance (if applicable).

Pricing As far as pricing is concerned, we know you want good value for your dollar. This makes good business sense to us and this is what we expect when we buy. We believe that you will find our pricing to be very competitive. In setting price, we use the various guides, for sale lists, etc. More importantly, however, we are out there where the action is all year round. We cover dozens of shows in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania (including all Eastern Division York meets) each year. We go to many auctions and buy collections and accumulations from individual owners.

In short, we know what trains are exchanging hands for at all times. Since we do not run a museum and we do not try to squeeze every dollar out of our items, we have had pretty fair turnover in all of our endeavors thus far. Prices are firm for the particular list in which they appear. If the item does not sell in a reasonable amount of time, our train seller will be directed to lower the price. However, don't expect the really "neat stuff" to hang around very long. Our experience has been that this type of material disappears quickly at first offering.

Placing an Order

Our address:

Vienna Station
212 Walnut Lane NW
Vienna, Virginia 22180

When placing an order, you will have several choices:

1. You can email us at: We will answer email in the order received as soon as possible. Your order will be confirmed by return email and we will let you know what the shipping charges will be. Generally, orders of $100 or less run around $5.00; orders of $101-$999, around $10.00, etc. Foreign orders will require payment in U.S. funds and shipping will be determined on a case by case basis. We are only interested in covering our costs, again trying to provide the best value for your train dollar.

2. If you prefer, you may order by phone at 703.938.4914.

Payment can be sent by mail via check or money order. Your payment must be made within (7) seven days of the items reserved may be placed with a back-up order if we have received one.

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